How to Make Your New Home or Renovation More Sustainable

When building your new home or considering undertaking a renovation to your existing home, be sure to consider all alternatives prior to moving onto your construction phase. There are a magnitude of sustainable materials that are now available for house construction that can make your home more energy efficient, lowering your homes running costs while also providing you with a comfortable living environment for your family. Some of these options include –

  • Ensuring adequate insulation has been applied to walls, ceilings, roofs and even under flooring, which will assist in saving you with your heating and energy costs.
  • Double glazed windows or Low e glazing will also assist in saving your heating and energy costs.
  • House orientation – try and utilise the position of the sun over your house to maximise the amount of sunshine you will receive – this will then assist if you install solar heating mechanisms as your heating option.
  • Look for high energy-efficiency ratings when you are selecting your appliances to ensure you are reducing your energy consumption.
  • Chose sustainable building materials – wood over steel or brick, timber flooring over concrete.
  • A rain water tank will assist in your water consumption, as will picking water-efficient appliances.
  • Build with your future comfort in mind – if you plan on living in your new home for a long time, ensure you are thinking about your future plans to avoid costly changes in the future, and reduce wasting materials that you no longer need.

Cassari are committed to reducing our impact on the environment, as well assisting our clients with relevant information in regards to all elements of their build. For a chat about how to make your new home more sustainable contact Cassari today or on 08 9203 9006.