Cassari National Award Winning Home

Cassari has had a stellar 2018/19 award season, primarily thanks to our amazing home we built in Highgate, WA. This renovation has been celebrated by numerous awards, most recently taking the National HIA award for Renovation of the year, it truly was a masterpiece of construction. 

Impeccably-designed by Chindarsi Architects, the highly-lauded Highgate home is a tale of two parts. The front is a tasteful restoration of the classic Australian abode while the back is a modern masterpiece of creative and forward-thinking design.

The Cassari built renovation incorporated heritage elements and sustainable materials. “We needed to be innovative in our construction process to meet the client’s expectations”.

Using a bold mixture of elements, the designers have created something truly exceptional. Incorporating alternative and non-traditional building materials such as copper roofing, concrete bench tops and polished plaster.

This renovation was an exceptional challenge for all involved, as with any renovation, not knowing what condition the exiting materials are in and how they will respond to the new building elements, is always a task that Cassari take pride in accepting, and finding the right cost effective solution for their clients.

We at Cassari acknowledge that homes of this quality cannot be built without excellent working relationships between our clients, supervisors, subcontractors and suppliers and of course the architects/designers that provide us with such beautiful homes/renovations to build.

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